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About Us

Susan Chiaro WI LMT #10118-146 and Gillian Blake WI LMT #12542 are licensed massage therapists based in Middleton, Wisconsin. Why Knot? has been in business since 2007, providing high-quality massage at affordable rates.

About Susan Chiaro

Susan is the owner and founder of Why Knot? She is a graduate of TIBIA massage school (Transformation, Intuition, Bodywork, in Action) and has completed more than 800 hours of massage and bodywork training. She has served as director of the TIBIA Healing Center and the Healing Inspirations Wellness Center and spent many years in a management position.

Susan is also a member of CAPW (Creating a Peaceful World, Inc.). This nonprofit organization offers outreach initiatives to actively extend peace, both locally and globally, to special-needs populations, natural disaster victims, and those hit by intentionally inflicted trauma. Susan also spent 6 years working in the vitamin and supplement industry and has always strived for a "hands on" approach to the health and wellbeing of others.

About Gillian Blake

Gillian is a licensed massage therapist with the State of Wisconsin, nationally certified through NCBTMB, certified in Reflexology, and trained in CranioSacral Therapy. She graduated from TIBIA massage school in 2002 and has a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology.

With her background in rehabilitation psychology, combined with the transformational aspects of her massage training, Gillian is uniquely qualified to work with clients on many levels. She provides a relaxing, safe space for a therapeutic massage and bodywork. Gillian is a strong believer that a balance of mind, body, and spirit lets us be our happiest, most productive selves.

Susan Chiaro - Massage Therapists
Gillian Blake - Massage Therapists


"I was truly surprised how much tension/soreness was exposed in my hands and feet during my 60 minute reflexology session. I was equally surprised and truly grateful for how much of it was gone after Gillian's handiwork... Well worth the moolah :) Long live WHY KNOT!!!"
 —Joe P.

"I didn't realize how much my muscle tension was contributing to my daily headaches until I went to Susan for my most recent massage. As soon as she started, she commented that I must be in a lot of pain! She was right! By the end of the hour, I was feeling so much better. You could even see it in my face. I am so grateful. Thank you!!!!!"
 —Client from Middleton ,Wisconsin

'Using Groupon and other discounts, I have tried out many massage therapists in the Madison area during the last few years.  All gave a pretty good massage.  It wasn't until I got a massage from Susan, owner  of Why Knot Massage,  that I knew the difference between a pretty good massage and a REALLY, REALLY good massage!  She is busy, but that's because she is so good at what she does.  Book early.  The icing on the cake is that her prices are  reasonable and she is an extraordinarily delightful person.  What a find!  No more Groupons, no more checking out other massage therapists.  This is it!" 

-Richard C.,  Middleton, WI

 "A couple of years ago Susan gave me a massage at her old location, and I managed to lose her contact info.  Going through a stack of papers, I found it.  Now she's in a new office and has convenient appointments available.  

 The new location is very clean, well decorated, and perfect for a massage.  I'm a sucker for a heated table, what can I say.

 Her quality?  Fantastic.  Very attentive to your needs, and responsive to requests.  She does an absolute fantastic job on the trouble spots and does an overall excellent job.

 A couple of major pluses:  Affordable rates that are below what seems to be the standard prices elsewhere.  There is also online appointment booking, so no need to call, leave a message, be called back, and on and on.  

 I've had a lot of massages by a lot of different people around town.  Now that I've reconnected with Susan, this is where I'm going from now on."

 - Kevin

I have seen Gillian twice now and both times was amazed at how she transformed my tension into relief. Gillian is in tune with my specific needs and how my body responds to different techniques. She makes me feel like I am doing something good for my health, which not only makes my body feel better, but my soul feel better too. I can’t wait for my third visit!"

 - Ellen


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